Notice to Residents


03 April 2019

Darby Partners wishes to advise the Jack’s Point Residents and Owners Association and all other interested parties that it is making changes to the construction areas in April, to allow for the construction works for Stage 2 of Jack’s Point Village to continue.

The construction areas will be securely fenced off1, with all disruptions (including noise and dust) to be closely monitored. The expectation is that noise pollution will be minimal; potential dust issues will be managed by regular wetting down by water trucks as necessary.

You will notice the existing fence lines to the north of Lake Tewa will be extended to allow for earthworks between Lake Tewa and the Golf Course to be completed. During this time the Lake Tewa loop track will be closed (access to the Golf Course from the northern part of Lake Tewa) however you will still have access to Lake Tewa up to this northern point of the lake.

Further to this, new fencing will be installed on the southern side of Clubhouse Road along with temporary traffic management. This is to allow site areas to be secure for construction and to provide a safe crossing of Clubhouse Road for both public and construction vehicles.

The Stage 2 works are expected to take approximately 12 months, depending on weather conditions.

For any queries, more information and to receive further updates on the Village, register at our website

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