Inside the Village Design


We take an inside look at how a new eco-friendly 21st century community is created, and the design team tell us why this development will be like nothing Queenstown has ever seen.

Now well underway with ground works, the new Jack's Point Village is coming to life on 14.2 hectares of land alongside Lake Tewa, right in the centre of Jack’s Point. It will become the focal point for the area and its future community of over 7,000.

Jack’s Point Village Development Director, Guy Taylor says the Village will be a tourism, shopping and recreational destination in its own right, and provide more excellent visitor accommodation for the region. 

“The new Village is a perfect opportunity to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable development. Jack's Point is capable of being 100% self-sufficient in electricity consumption, with opportunities to generate its own fully renewable hydro power nearby. We want to encourage people to use these sustainable systems within building design.

“We’ve really focused on protecting what have here at Jack's Point, with the surrounding 35 kilometres of hiking trails and extensive wildlife habitat driving our design ethos,” Guy says.

Water treatment for example, protects the lake for the enjoyment of everyone. Limiting vehicle traffic in the Village centre keeps the lake free of run-off from any oil-based pollutants.

Stormwater management systems have been designed to channel water run-off away from the Village lake into specially designed streams for naturally filtered processing, before being returned to the lake body as clean treated water.

“We’ve taken a lot of inspiration and direction from classic streets and plazas from small villages around the world.”

Above ground, the innovative Village design by Queenstown-based Darby Partners sets out pedestrian-friendly streets and laneways in a thoughtful framework, blending residential living with commercial spaces.


“We want to create an environment where people do not need to rely on vehicles to get to work. Our settlers will have the opportunity to be able to work, live and play all within the same environment, says Darby Partners designer, Todd Graham.”

The layout of the Village, beside Lake Tewa, makes the most of the surrounding mountain views. The landscaping, buildings and public spaces will all be orientated to take advantage of these vistas.

The Village Square is designed with pedestrians in mind and orientated to create a warm sheltered environment for people to congregate around cafes and retail areas.

"We've taken a lot of inspiration and direction from classic streets and plazas from small villages around the world, where key streets and laneways terminate at beautifully designed buildings and the surrounding landscape acts as a backdrop. These laneways encourage pedestrian exploration and create unique character and experiences throughout the Village,” Todd says.

“Monotonous building facades will not be found within the Village. We want to encourage variation in width, height and form, encouraging diversity in design thinking. This combined with using an honest palette of enduring textures and materials that integrate with the surrounding landscape and built environment we have already established at Jack’s Point”.

Work is currently underway to run services throughout the Village, with completion anticipated in December 2018. Major road infrastructure and construction work is scheduled to begin in the New Year.

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